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First, a few words on amazon...

Amazon is taking over the world, and it’s clearly scary. Some of my misgivings are obvious. I mean, when one, single company begins to rule one market after another, morphing the face of the economy as we know it… it’s creepy. You hope these market monoliths will be gentle leaders, like Galadriel, who fights her temptation to be a Dark Queen on a daily basis. But really, we expect a Sauron.

They won't stop until even the hobbits buy their groceries from Mordor.

Besides which, the way Amazon treats its low-tier workers makes me shake my head. We have an Amazon warehouse in my community and I’ve known many people who have worked there and ultimately fled in tatters. Amazon’s bottom-rung workforce has an extremely high turnover rate for a reason.

Before it was shut down, Gawker Media covered the stressful, stifling conditions really effectively. Many of their anonymous sources came from my own area.

Gawker Media's Coverage of Amazon Warehouse Workers

It’s still amazing to me how many of the lowest paid jobs are some of the most backbreaking, demeaning, and stressful things a person can do.

So, there are some very good reasons to provide Amazon with some competition. Because when one company starts obliterating its rivals, that doesn’t leave consumers — and workers — with great options.

So, how can book lovers make better consumer choices?

This is where playster comes in

Playster is a subscription streaming service for ebooks, movies, music, games, and audiobooks. You can pick and choose which media you’d like to subscribe to. After your free monthlong trial, subscribing to the audiobook option is only $15 a month!

 Believe it or not, Playster is NOT paying me to tell you all this!

Here’s the thing. Pretty much all of Playster’s audiobooks are on Audible, but all of Audible’s books are not on Playster. Is that a bummer? Only a little bit…

…because a one month subscription to Playster’s WHOLE library costs less than two of Audible’s credits. So if you’re a person who consumes a ton of audiobooks, why, oh why, are you letting Amazon take your money? Why?

If you have cash to spare, you should subscribe to both services.

If you have enough spare cashflow to allow for $30-45 a month to go towards your audiobook addiction, I recommend getting both Audible and Playster subscriptions. Here’s why.

  • You will be able to access Audible audiobooks NOT available on Playster.
  • You will be able to avoid wasting Audible credit on an audiobook ALREADY available on Playster.
  • By using both Audible and Playster, you can listen to ANY book you want at the BEST value.

A post Coming soon... the best audiobooks available on playster!

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